This precious blue gemstone is highly valued in jewelry creation, because the stone is less exposed to wear and tear.

It has a color palette with blue, violetish-blue and greenish-blue.

It's usual for these stones to be heated, about 90% of all saphires undergo this enhancement. This allows for the colors of the stone to be more saturated and to lighten too dark colors. The untreated samples that show the same qualities are generally 2 times as expensive when the other characteristics are the same.

Aside from these qualities the gem also stands out with its vitreous lustre. Saphire has a beautiful shinend sparkle due to this. a

The gem has always had a great popularity. From royalty, nobility and members of the clergy. It's regarded as the standard for blue gems in terms of color. Saphire encountered another wave of popularity by being put in the world's most famous engagement rings used by Princess Diana and Kate Middleton.

Saphire deposits are usually found in southeast asia. Kashmir in the north of india, myanmar, and the Ceylon islands are the most popular spots. Saphire can also be found in Thailand, Australia and Madagascar.

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